We Value Your Business…

And trust you’re enjoying the clean, refreshing taste of Water Pure & Simple every time you fill your glass. We encourage you to experiment and experience the many other ways you can enjoy and use Water Pure & Simple.

  • Premium Bottled Water
  • Purified & Bottled Locally
  • Water Cooler Rentals

Some of Our Favorites…

IN COFFEE AND TEA– Water Pure & Simple brings out full-bodied flavours, rich and satisfying. That’s because Water Pure & Simple lets coffee and tea exhibit all of their great tastes and nuances.

IN FROZEN JUICES AND BEVERAGES MIXED WITH WATER– fruit juice has even more taste and zest when blended with Water Pure & Simple.

IN COOKING– your vegetables and soups will perk up and taste alive with the new-found flavours that are now able to come through.

IN ICE CUBES– they’ll be long-lasting and crystal-clear, and won’t spoil the taste of your beverage.


  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Superior Service Guaranteed
  • Purely, Simply, The Best
  • Free Home or Business Delivery
  • Monthly or Seasonal Specials

Other Practical Uses

Try Water Pure & Simple for:

  • Baby Formulas
  • Low-Sodium Diets
  • Complexion Care (Helps Both Inside & Out)
  • Baby’s Sponge Baths
  • House Plants
  • Pet Care
  • Beer & Winemaking
  • Canning & Preserves
  • Homemade Popsicles
  • Steam Irons
  • Humidifiers
  • Photography

If you discover some additional uses we left off our list, please give us a call!

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