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Water Pure & Simple Invites You to Think Before You Drink.

Premium Bottled Water and Coolers

  • 6 Stages of Purification Including Reverse Osmosis
  • Constantly Monitored & Tested for Water Quality
  • Featuring the No-Spill, No-Contamination WATER GUARD™ SYSTEM

Proper Hydration is Vital for Enhancing Health & Fitness

Water Pure & Simple offers you the most convenient, healthy and economical way to get your eight glasses a day:

Toddler drinking bottled water
  • A refreshing beverage FREE of chlorine, lead and other water-borne contaminants.
  • Quickly becomes everyone’s favorite beverage – at only pennies per glass.
  • A healthy choice with the refreshing taste children love.
  • New Moms … the perfect start for infants, no more sterilizing.
  • The largest choice of attractive water dispensers and coolers, plus …
  • Absolutely trouble-free … no plumbing or tedious maintenance required.
  • Prompt and courteous delivery to your door and same-day water service.
  • Proudly locally owned & operated.

You Deserve the Best…Water Pure & Simple

“We purify our water with state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis.”

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Source Water

Our multi-staged processors are coupled into the municipal water system.

Multi-Media Processor

This process removes suspended particles and sediment from the municipal water supply.

Activated Carbon Processor

This process removes the water supply’s chlorine, chloramines and organics created by decayed vegetation.

Sediment Pre-Filter

This pre-filter removes additional particles from the water, down to the 1 micron size.

Reverse Osmosis

At the heart of our process, these membranes remove all remaining impurities.


This equipment produces and injects ozone into our product water as the final assurance that it is free of any harmful microbes.

The Benefits…

Re-Hydrate Your Body!

Your body is approximately 70% water. Reverse osmosis water provides a clean, contaminate-free source for daily hydration.

Flushes Body Toxins!

Drinking reverse-osmosis water will aid in flushing toxins and contaminants from your body.

Pure Tasting!

All impurities, chemicals, odours and bacteria that give water a bad taste have been removed. Water Pure & Simple tastes so good and refreshing … it will become your beverage of choice! Water Pure & Simple … your health depends on it!

Please accept our free trial and give us the opportunity to demonstrate to you the advantages of … Water Pure & Simple – The Valley’s Water Company!

Pure cold water at the touch of a button – FREE 2-week trial, Call 250-334-1666!

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